Several forms of A-DAFx
gesture control

updated on 2004/03/02


Adaptive digital audio effects can be developped according to several forms, depending of the number of processed sounds, the channel number of sounds, from which sound features are extracted.

Auto-adaptive (or internal) Fx


Diagram of an auto-adaptive Fx: the input signal x(t) is used for feature extraction. Then, features are mapped to control values.


Cross-adaptive (or external) Fx

Diagram of a cross-adaptive Fx (with gesture control): inpput signals x1(t) and x2(t) are differents. Features are extracted from (or from x1(t) and x2(t) in the case of cross-synthesis).


Multichannel adaptive Fx

Of course, adaptive Fx can be multi-channel Fx. In that case, features are extracted from each channel as well as cross-features (that describe the relationship between channels).


Diagram of a stereophonic adaptive Fx. Features describe each channel as well as their relationship.


Feedback adaptive effect

The forms presented previously(auto-adaptive, cross-adaptive and multi-channel) extracted features from input sound. They are feedforwar forms. Their alos exist feedback forms, where features are extracted from the processed sound, such as in adaptive filtering as developped for telecommunication applications.


Diagram of a feedback adaptive Fx: features are extracted from the processed sound.